Olivier MOREL

Directeur / CEO

Audit et optimisation / Déploiement / Intégration / Transfert de capabilités

Olivier is our CEO, and financial Manager. He has dedicated his career to working with innovative technology companies to develop services, and financial solutions for IT customers. He’s worked for over 20 years with successful  established companies like Microsoft, Cisco, NetApp, and vertical industries.

He found Asema with Jean-Luc Berrier (CTO) in 2004. Before, he spent 8 years in selling IT Services and Financial Solutions, leading technical account teams for clients such as Euriware, Areva, HR company in France, and many others in SMB Market.

He is a « supercars » fan and is courageous enough to make his dream come true.  He also enjoys sport and practice Judo for over 30 years.